indra_sachiThe Dasāṁśa (D10) is one-tenth a rāśi measuring 3° arc. There are 120 Dasāṁśa in the zodiac as 10×12=120. Just as the horā D2 chart maps to the second house of the rāśi chart in the physical plane of consciousness, the Dasāṁśa being a D10 chart, maps to the tenth house.
Some interesting observations about the D10 Chart which you need to ‘meditate on’:

  1. The total number of Dasāṁśa in the zodiac = 120; and the total number of years in vimsottari dasha (purna ayus) is 120 years. Simply speaking, 1 Dasāṁśa = 1 year of life! So what is life? Is it all about Dasāṁśa and getting ready to go to the tenth house?
  2. Now, if the purna ayus (longevity) is getting mapped to the tenth house through vimsottari dasha, then the longevity of any being must be also associated with the tenth house. There you go – we have learnt previously that the longevity has three contributors – (1) Lagna 1H, (2) Karma 10H and (3) Rina 8H.
  3. But we also know that the tenth house is the mid-heaven or the sky directly above our head. So when we say, where is god, we all look up! How many of us look down when we point at where god is! The Sanskrit for the home of god is ‘Svarga’ and the Dasāṁśa is also called Svargāṁśa for this reason.

It’s very interesting when we notice a few more ‘number ten’ related expansions –

  1. There are ten-principal yuga-avatara of Vishnu
  2. There are ten Maha Vidya of Kali
  3. There are ten digpala for the ten directions of life (and space) …
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