sjvc Surya jpgThe Dvādaśāṁśa: D12 is one-twelfth part of a rāśi measuring 2°30′ arc. There are 144 Dvādaśāṁśa in the zodiac as 12×12=144. But unlike the horā D2 chart maps to the second house of the rāśi chart in the physical plane of consciousness, the Dvādaśāṁśa although a D12 chart, maps to two houses! – the fourth and ninth houses of parents. In addition it also maps to the 12th house to indicate father’s mother as well as mother’s father. it also maps to the 7th house to indicate mother’s mother.
In sanskrit, the number 12 is associated with the Sun due to the dvadasa aditya. Hence another name for Dvādaśāṁśa is Suryāṁśa

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