The Turyāṁśa(D4) is one-fourth a rāśi measuring 7°30′ arc. There are 48 Turyāṁśa in the zodiac as 4×12=48. Just as the horā D2 chart maps to the second house of the rāśi chart in the physical plane of consciousness, the Turyāṁśa being a D4 chart, maps to the fourth house.

  • D4 Introduction - Turyāṁśa Śloka 9½: स्वर्क्षादिकेन्द्रपतयस्तुर्यांशेशाः क्रियादिषु। svarkṣādikendrapatayasturyāṁśeśāḥ kriyādiṣu | sva-self; rkṣa-sign; adi-others; kendra-quadrants; pati-lord; turya-fourth, fourth state of soul; aṁśa-part, division; īśa-lord; kriyā-Aries; Translation: The turyāṁśa (one-fourth divisions) of a sign are ruled by the lords of the kendra from it, in order, reckoned for Aries and other (signs). The word caturthāṁśa is normally used by […]
  • Caturthāṁśa: D4 Chart - Caturthāṁśa calculation The one-fourth (quarter) division of a rāśi measures 7°30’ and there are four such caturthāṁśa [called ‘turyāṁśa’ by Parāśara] in every sign. The first caturthāṁśa (0-7°30’) of every sign maps to itself second caturthāṁśa (7°30’-15°) of every sign maps to the sign in the fourth house third caturthāṁśa (15°-22°30’) of every sign maps […]
  • Caturthāṁśa Application - Warning: There are words in here which you may not understand, like argalā or ārūḍha. This will be taught in later years of this course. The fourth house is a quadrant and form one of the four pillars on which the horoscope is founded. It rules such vital matters as mother (significator: Moon), Vehicles (significator: […]
  • D4 Slides - D4 Chart: Caturthāṁśa When we divide the rāśi into four parts we have four divisions measuring 7°30’ each. These map into the kendra from every rāśi and are called caturthāṁśa when reckoned regular and direct from the sign. For example, the first caturthāṁśa for Pisces is Pisces, second is Gemini, third is Virgo and the […]