अग्निं दूतं वृणीमहे होतारं विश्ववेदसम्। अस्य यज्ञस्य सुक्रतुम्॥
agniṁ dūtaṁ vṛṇīmahe hotāraṁ viśvavedasam | asya yajñasya sukratum ||

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  • Files that were discussed at the recent Chandigarh Workshop are being uploaded.

  • Study the effect of the Lagna in the sixteen divisions. What is the implication of the Lagna being in a malefic sign like Aquarius or Scorpio How do some aspects of life always cause trouble? Study the implications of the Lagna and realise that this holds the key to the divisional chart

  • Padma Purāṇa Extract Lord Shiva said “My dear Pārvatī, now I will relate to you the glories of the Eleventh Chapter of Śrīmad Bhagavad-gītā. It is not possible to tell it’s full glories, as there are thousands of stories, I will relate one of them only. On the banks of the Pranita river is a large town of the name Megankara in which is the famous temple of Jagat Iśvara (Jagannāth). Jagat Iśvara is holding in His hand a bow.

  • [caption id="attachment_1267" align="alignright" width="274"] ॐ गुरवे नमः | om gurave namaḥ[/caption]   Sapphire Illustration Process of energizing Yellow Sapphire ring Direction : North – East Weekday : Thursday Color : Yellow (Turmeric) Metal : Gold Gemstone : Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz Fruit : Banana, Mango [Yellow] Flower : White Flowers Food : Rice mixed with Bengal Gram Incense: Champa Prāṇāyāma Instruction: This is to be done 10 (ten) times. Breathe in and recite mentally ॐ भू: । ॐ भुवः॒ । ॐ स्वः । ॐ महः । ॐ जनः । ॐ तपः । ॐ सत्यम । om bhūḥ| om bhuvaḥ| om svaḥ| om mahaḥ

  • [caption id="attachment_1263" align="alignright" width="311"] Sri Bhairava[/caption] The divisions of the signs and the construction of Divisional charts from them are based on certain principles and bear certain characteristics. Principle of equal span The divisions of the signs are normally equal in size except for two very high divisions (Nāḍi and Ardha Nāḍi aṁśa i.e. the D-150 and D-300). For example, the Navāṁśa is the one-ninth division of a sign i.e. 1/9th portion of 30° = 3°20’. The span of every Navāṁśa is 3°20’ arc.


  • Division refers to an orderly division of the 30 degrees of a sign into parts called Āṁśa. The charts constructed on the basis of the ownership of these divisions1 are called Divisional Charts or simply D-Charts. The sign is divided into ‘N’ number of parts where ‘N’ refers to the Varga number. Each part is called an Āṁśa and maps into a specific sign of the D-N Chart.

  • Śloka 3-4 क्षेत्रं होरा च द्रेष्काणस्तुर्यांशः सप्तमांशकः। नवांशो दशमांशश्च सूर्याम्शः षोडशांशकः॥ ३॥ kṣetraṁ horā ca dreṣkāṇasturyāṁśaḥ saptamāṁśakaḥ | navāṁśo daśamāṁśaśca sūryāmśaḥ ṣoḍaśāṁśakaḥ || 3|| विंशांशो वेदवाह्वंशो भांशस्त्रिंशांशकस्ततः। खवेदांशोऽक्षवेदांशः षष्ठ्यंशश्च ततः परम्॥ ४॥ viṁśāṁśo vedavāhvaṁśo bhāṁśastriṁśāṁśakastataḥ | khavedāṁśo’kṣavedāṁśaḥ ṣaṣṭhyaṁśaśca tataḥ param || 4|| Translation: The most prominent and important [sixteen divisions] are kṣetra, horā, dreṣkāṇa, turyāṁśa, saptamāṁśa, navāṁśa, daśamāṁśa, sūryāmśa, ṣoḍaśāṁśa, viṁśāṁśa, vedavāhvaṁśa, bhāṁśa, triṁśāṁśa, khavedāṁśa, akṣavedāṁśa and ṣaṣṭhyaṁśa. Parāśara Other names Div Bh Re Area of Influence kṣetra rāśi 1 1 D1 Body, Everything horā horā 2 2 D2 Wealth, Food dreṣkāṇa drekkāṇa 3 3 D3 Siblings turyāṁśa caturthāṁśa 4

  • [caption id="attachment_1495" align="alignright" width="238"] Bāṅka Chūḍā veśa of Jagannātha Mahaprabhu[/caption] Śloka 2 वर्गान् षोडश यानाह ब्रह्मा लोकपितामहः। तानहं सम्प्रवक्ष्यामि मैत्रेय स्रूयतामिति॥ २॥ vargān ṣoḍaśa yānāha brahmā lokapitāmahaḥ | tānahaṁ sampravakṣyāmi maitreya srūyatāmiti || 2|| Maharṣi Parāśara teaches: Maitreya do listen to my benevolent monologue of [the knowledge of] sixteen divisional charts (varga) which has travelled from the creator (Brahmā) who is the grand-sire of the seven worlds. Commentary vargā – divisions, divisional charts; ṣoḍaśa – sixteen; yānā – journey, travelled; brahmā – creator; loka – seven regions of light, sapta-loka; pitāmaha – grandfather, grand-sire, figurative for Jupiter;

  • [caption id="attachment_1490" align="alignright" width="217"] Just as the twelve jyotirliṅga (ज्योतिर्लिङ्ग) are twelve aṁśa (or varga) of śiva-jyoti (light of lord Shiva), so also the twelve signs represent the twelve aṁśa of the Sun god Sūrya.

  • Atha अथ षोडशवर्गाध्यायः॥ atha ṣoḍaśavargādhyāyaḥ || This is the chapter title. The word ‘atha’ is an auspicious and inceptive particle which has no English equivalent. It simply means ‘now’ as a reference to a sequence of teaching or time. It consists of two syllables अ (a) which refers to Vasudeva [refer to creation concepts where we learn that the entire universe is an expansion of Vasudeva and a half of Vasudeva is perceptible universe while the other half is imperceptible.

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  • Contact Class Schedule D Date Vāra 8:00 AM 1:00 PM 1 21-Aug-2014 Thu Varga Schemes Rāśi Aṁśa – Bhāva Concepts 2 22-Aug-2014 Fri Navāṁśa: D9 Janma, Principles Navāṁśa: D9 Bhāgya 3 23-Aug-2014 Sat Navāṁśa: D9 Notes Navāṁśa: D9 Notes 4 24-Aug-2014 Sun Drekkāṇa: D3 Siblings Drekkāṇa Devatā &

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  • Welcome to the second year of the Parāśara Jyotiṣa Course which is divided into two academic years – PJC Year-2A and PJC Year-2B, i.e. two academic years, which can translate into about 3 calendar years. Course fees are payable only for academic years, even if they take longer to complete. Prārambha: Commencement: This is the introduction to the course and the concerned chapters of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra.


  • Lessons The one-twentieth potion of the rāśi maps to the 8<sup>th</sup> house in the second cycle and shows the path of spiritual transformation. Each viṁśāṁśa measures 1°30’ and is exactly half the dasāṁśa (D10 measure 3°) showing how the karma we do is influenced by and influences spiritual transformation. Let us learn the great secrets of the tradition related to the viṁśāṁśa.

  • Vivāha is the most important part of the navāṁśa. The greatest secret of our tradition is now public knowledge – the manner in which to study multiple marriages and individual spouses, the relationships and everything about vivāha.

  • Chandrāṁśa is the navāṁśa sign of the Moon. It is an important part of bhāgya (fortune) as fortune manifests within the human society, and society is ruled and controlled by the Moon. The Twelve bhāva from the chandrāṁśa are grouped as follows: Chandrāṁśa: The self (mind) in society, the form of ādi-śaktī that links the native to his society. For example, if in Aquarius, Kālikā Śaktī; if Aries then Caṇḍī, Scorpio shows Cāmuṇḍā etc.

  • We study the anitya bhāgya kāraka … just to recapitulate – anitya kāraka of any bhāva is the dispositor of the lord of that bhāva. Anitya bhāgya kāraka is the dispositor of the 9th lord. In matters of Dharma only Devaguru Bṛhaspati (Jupiter) is the perfect one. Every planet has its own failings and when placed in the 9th house from navāṁśa lagna, it tells us what we need to be careful about in matters of transgressing the guru.

  • Dharma, represented by the bull (of Śiva) called Nandiśvara, has four legs. These legs are Dharma Leg Yuga Lagna Bhāva Tapaḥ (austerity) Kṛta Ākāśa Karma 10 Śaucam (purity) Kṛta, Dvāpara Jala Sukha 4 Dayā (mercy) Kṛta, Dvāpara, Treta Asta Dara 7 Satyam (truth) Kṛta, Dvāpara, Treta, Kali Janma Sva 1 Satya is the only leg that has the strength to stand through all the yuga. Other legs become weak and cannot sustain the burden of sin.

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