अग्निं दूतं वृणीमहे होतारं विश्ववेदसम्। अस्य यज्ञस्य सुक्रतुम्॥
agniṁ dūtaṁ vṛṇīmahe hotāraṁ viśvavedasam | asya yajñasya sukratum ||

Varga Viveka is an independant chapter in BPHS following the Sixteen Divisions.

  • Varga Viveka - There are certain rules which are common for all divisional charts and Parāśara summarises them in the chapter Varga Viveka. He starts by emphasising the importance of strengths, particularly vimśopāka bala, the 20 point strength. In this lesson we learn about karma vipāka, vimśopāka bala, āpekṣika bala i.e. acchādana.

    One of the important rules is that planets placed opposite to their svakṣetra, mūlatrikoṇa or uccha rāśi become weak, in that order.
  • Varga Concepts -

    This chapter of Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra has many concepts used in studying the charts. We examine some of the śloka for understanding the following concepts.

    Kendra: definition of the quadrants and their strengths. More details under two lessons under Varga > Rāśi > Kendra, Lotus Pond
    Śubha (auspicious) Yoga and its implications like aśubha (inauspicious) yoga.
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