अग्निं दूतं वृणीमहे होतारं विश्ववेदसम्। अस्य यज्ञस्य सुक्रतुम्॥
agniṁ dūtaṁ vṛṇīmahe hotāraṁ viśvavedasam | asya yajñasya sukratum ||

shiva_parvati_with_baby_ganesha_in_kailash_mi79The saptaṁsa (D7) is one-seventh part of a rāśi measuring 4°17′ arc. There are 84 Turyāṁśa in the zodiac as 7×12=48. But unlike the horā D2 chart maps to the second house of the rāśi chart in the physical plane of consciousness, the Saptāṁśa although a D7 chart, maps to the fifth house. Among the D-Charts of the material plane, this is the most difficult to decipher. A lot more is taught in the Jaimini Upadesa Sutra.

  • Saptāṁśa Varga - Indian Society has come to be plagued by the great evils of female feticide and infanticide. Before consulting a doctor for sexual determination and then, blindly heading for an abortion, the expecting parents are well advised to consult an astrologer.
    FIFTH HOUSE: It delves into the prospects for good progeny or its denial. The fifth house, its lord, planets posited and aspecting it and Guru, the Putrakaraka are to be examined as per canons on this subject (Details have been summarized by Dr. B.V.
  • Saptāṁśa: Children - Timing of birth of each child is seen from Saptāṁśa (D7) as well as their nature, abilities, fortune and any trouble they may have.

    Each sign is divided into seven equal parts of 4° 17’ 8.57" each.
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